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In most cases, a successful trade show graphic is judged by its ability to capture attention, relay valuable information and draw in your targeted audience. But what exactly makes up an effective trade show graphic? There are 4 key components to designing an effective graphic.

How to compose an effective trade show graphic

A trade show graphic provides you with the unique opportunity to showcase your brand and its personality. Along with the design elements, how the information is composed on your graphic is equally important. The placement, color, text and images within your graphic need to come together just so to deliver a cohesive experience and achieve success.

While there isn’t an exact science to composing an effective trade show graphic, you can introduce these components to improve your graphic’s success.  

1. Contrast 

Be sure that the colors and the design elements you’ve employed differentiate from each other in a way that draws the eye in. The important features of your design should be visually distinguishable from the less important elements. 

2. Flow

 While this can vary depending on where you are in the world, information is primarily digested from left to right, top to bottom. So logically, your audience is going to attempt to digest your graphic in the same way. Is the information on your graphic organized in a way that leads the reader through your message with this key component in mind? Think from your audience’s perspective with the element of a “glance” in mind. Is it clear to them where they should begin when they look at your graphic? Will they know and understand when they’ve reached the end? Review your graphic with this understanding to ensure your audience isn’t missing out on essential information due to flow.

3. Focus

With the element of a “glace” still in mind, consider where the eye might naturally land when someone first looks at your graphic. The other design elements within your graphic should complement this component, not compete with it. You want to highlight the most important message and tone any other messaging down so it doesn’t compete. 

4. Imagery

The imagery you choose should be clear and relevant enough to effectively communicate your message even without the accompanying copy. Choose images that reinforce and complement the copy on your graphic. Images are a powerful tool within a trade show graphic, so be sure to use that tool to your advantage with strategic selections. 

How to submit your completed trade show graphic for printing

Godfrey Group clients can upload their print-ready art files through our website HERE. We suggest that you place your order first then submit your graphic files with the corresponding sales order number that the Godfrey Group team will send once your order is processed.

If you have questions about your files before placing the order, you’re welcome to submit them beforehand and we’ll be glad to review them and provide the necessary guidance. 

If graphic design isn’t your thing and you need help in that department, our graphic designers are glad to assist. Graphic design time is billed hourly at $85/hr with a one-hour minimum.  While each design job is unique, most can be completed in just a couple of hours. 

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