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As you prepare and plan out your exhibit, one of your most important objectives should be to make sure your trade show booth stands out from the crowd. And with many other companies exhibiting and competing with you, having a creative game plan for visibility is imperative. So it’s prudent to take advantage of every opportunity to showcase your brand and logo.

How to optimize your visibility at a trade show

Practice strategic promotion.

In many cases, trade show organizers can provide you with a list of the registered attendees in advance. You can use this to your advantage by sending the attendees an email letting them know that you’ll be present and what they can expect from your booth. Remember, the point here is to make an impact and to pique their interest enough to entice them to visit your booth. So be sure to mention what you have to offer that makes your booth unique.

Social media is another great way to promote your presence. Find out the trade show’s most used hashtags and incorporate them into your messaging across your social platforms to connect with the attendees.

Consider hosting a giveaway.

Hosting a giveaway is a great way to attract more people to your booth. You can opt for a standard crowd-pleasing giveaway item like an iPad or a smartwatch. Or, depending on your industry, you can appeal to a more targeted audience by narrowing in on an item or service that offers a valuable solution to your ideal customer.

Give visitors a noticeable, large reusable bag.

It’s no secret that everyone hands out swag at a trade show. And that swag is usually accompanied by a signature bag. But in our experience, we’ve discovered that the largest bag usually wins as the attendees collect more items throughout the day. If you choose to distribute a bag that’s larger (and stronger) than the ones your competitors are handing out, soon every one of your visitors will be carrying your bag for the other attendees to see.

Design an impressive exhibit.

Regardless of your booth size, you want to design a display that’s going to capture attention. Consider incorporating unique and interesting elements into your display such as audiovisual elements or props. If you need some creative direction for a display that stands out, check out these 5 design tips for your trade show marketing display.

Boost your trade show visibility with hanging signs

If you really want to elevate your brand above your competition and get noticed at your next trade show, we suggest incorporating a hanging sign into your display plans. Unlike standard trade show exhibit components, hanging signs are typically visible from all over the convention floor. This broadens your reach to anyone in attendance instead of those within close proximity to your booth and helps you draw visitors into your booth.

Half the battle when it comes to attracting booth visitors is awareness. So, it’s crucial to inform the trade show attendees, regardless of where they are on the floor, that you’re in the building and ready to offer the solution they need.

Why type of hanging sign is right for you?

Here at Godfrey Group, we offer two categories of hanging signs, both of which offer seemingly endless variations in shapes and sizes: Standard Hanging Headers and Premium Hanging Headers.

So as you make your trade show marketing plans, you might be wondering which hanging sign is right for you. So let’s take a look at what each category has to offer.

Standard Hanging Headers

Our standard hanging headers are high-quality products. They come complete with dye sub-printed fabric graphics, rigging cables and aluminum snap tube frames. Our standard hanging headers carry a one-year warranty.

The standard hanging header is a great option for anyone just dipping their toes into the hanging sign strategy. They’re also a great solution for any company with short-term trade show marketing plans. 

Premium Hanging Headers

Our premium hanging headers, which are made in the USA, offer a great deal of upgrades from the standard hanging headers. With a larger diameter aluminum snap tube, Premium Hanging Headers are more durable and hold their form better since the larger tube provides added rigidity. Additionally, the Premium Hanging Header comes with a lifetime warranty. With the premium option, you also get your choice of printed base panels (available in most shapes and sizes) and shipping cases.

The Premium Hanging Header is the perfect solution for any company serious about their trade show marketing activities. With added durability and high-quality presentation, the premium hanging headers are equipped to stand the test of multiple shows, travel wear and tear, and long-term use.