10' x 20' Fabric Displays

Our stretch fabric displays are lightweight, portable, cost effective, and easy to set up. Customize any one of these trade show display stands to your specifications with the Godfrey Group.

The most portable 10x20 trade show display stand options are the printed stretch fabric displays.  The displays consist of aluminum frames with printed dye sub fabric graphics.  The dye sub fabric graphics are high resolution with vibrant colors.  As an added benefit the fabrics are very durable.  They can be folded for transport and even machine washed if they should be soiled.  Within the category of 10x20 stretch fabric displays, there are really two kinds of exhibits, pop up displays and round tubular aluminum frame displays.  The pop-up trade show display stands have one piece frames that collapse and “pop up” as one whole units.  The graphics on these typically apply to the front of the display with Velcro that is sewn around the perimeter of the fabric graphic.  On advantage to the pop-up displays is that you can break out a 10x10 section if you have the need to exhibit in a 10x10 booth at times instead of only a 10x20.  The second style of fabric 10x20 display is the round aluminum tubular frame.

These exhibits feature a fame that snaps together quickly and easily and a fabric printed skin that slips over the frame like a pillowcase. These displays tend to be a little more light-weight and portable than the pop up displays but both styles are among the most light-weight and portable of all of the 10x20 trade show display stand options on the market. Several of these displays can accommodate a flat screen monitor. The 20’ straight wall fabric display can be produced with a single or double-sided graphic at an economical price point which provides additional flexibility with the display. Finally, the 20’ backlit pop-up display and the 20’ tension stretch fabric display with backlit center module feature vibrant backlit graphics that are sure to grab the attention of the convention attendees.

Custom Design Gallery

View some examples of our custom designs organized by size. These designs can act as a starting point to determine layouts and features that appeal to you. We can then take those elements and create custom renderings with your logo, colors, and graphics to develop a trade show exhibit tailored to your exact specifications.

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