8' x 10' Backlit Displays

Backlit trade show displays highlight your brand and make you stand out from the rest of the exhibitors and from your competition. Check out our designs or contact the Godfrey Group to learn about our backlit advertising displays. Backlit trade show displays are some of the most popular exhibits.  With LED lighting and high resolution dye sub printed fabric graphics, these displays are bright and offer vibrant colors to garner the attention of the trade show attendees.  We have a number of options when it comes to 8’ wide backlit displays.  All of these feature printed dye sub fabric graphics that are light-weight, easy to transport, and are very durable.  The backlit curved pop up display is a one-piece frame that collapses down and expands to a full back wall very quickly and easily.  The printed fabric graphic applies to the frame with Velcro.  There is also a straight wall version of this display.  There is little difference between the straight wall display and the curve wall display.  It really comes down to personal preference with those display exhibits.  The 8’ x 8’ backlit freestanding display is another option for an 8’ backlit trade show display.  This exhibit features an aluminum frame, LED lighting around the perimeter of the frame, and a one-piece fabric graphic that fits into a channel on the front of the frame.  This style of graphic is called a silicon edged graphic (SEG) and the way in which the graphic fits into the channel produces a very taut fabric graphic that makes for a beautifully finished display.

All of these displays pack down into durable, plastic shipping cases that can be shipped via UPS or Fed Ex. They all can be set up quickly and easily without hiring show labor or professionals. Backlit displays are the perfect way to make your brand more visible than your competitors at your next trade show or marketing event. If you do not see a backlit display that meets your needs in our standard options, please ask us about our custom display capabilities. We can customize a backlit display to meet your exact needs. Call or email us today to get started.

Custom Design Gallery

View some examples of our custom designs organized by size. These designs can act as a starting point to determine layouts and features that appeal to you. We can then take those elements and create custom renderings with your logo, colors, and graphics to develop a trade show exhibit tailored to your exact specifications.

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