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Custom Event Tents & Outdoor Display Tents

If you need a transportable tent for an upcoming event, check out our selection of tents and kiosks. We offer custom displays with a high level of visibility to help your brand stand out. This allows for practical marketing and branding of your products and services while providing functional shelter for special events, trade shows, and outdoor sales.

Our custom event tents feature fabric graphics for eye-catching excitement. It’s an easy way to add energy to your trade show, catering event, information distribution booth, or any other use you have in mind. All of our indoor/outdoor display tents are available with customizable options not available anywhere else.

Browse our options below or contact us for more information about ordering tents and kiosks.

Applications for Branded Tents

Stand-up canopies, portable awnings, and collapsible kiosks allow you to set up a professional-looking display on the go. Removable graphic panels provide enhanced visibility for your logo or message. You may want to customize a branded tent if you’re an artisan or craftsperson displaying your wares at a festival. Our branded tents are also great for caterers who need to protect cooking equipment from the sun and rain, all while marketing their restaurant with a dazzling color display. Pop-up tents are particularly suitable for outdoor events. We print graphics on outdoor fabric and vinyl for durable, vibrant colors that stand the test of time. Our production techniques also leave a small environmental footprint, an important consideration for eco-conscious companies today. Of course, you can also use branded tents at indoor events. Even if you don’t need protection from the elements, having a branded graphic overhead makes it easy to tell what company you represent. Handsome styling sticks in the minds of your leads to help turn them into potential customers.

Types of Event Tents

We have numerous high-quality tent models to choose from for indoor and outdoor events: Godfrey Group has been providing outstanding customer service and award-winning designs for 50 years. Let us help your business succeed! Contact us today to become the center of attention at your next trade show or promotional event with one of our indoor/outdoor display tents or kiosks.