8' Table Top Displays

We have a broad selection of 8' table displays for events that fit every budget and need. Check out our designs or contact us at the Godfrey Group for more information on our table top signs for trade shows. The larger of the two standard trade show tables, the 8’ table, requires a display that won’t be outmatched by the table.  You need a bold display and bold trade show display graphics to set yourself apart from the rest of the table top displays at the convention.  Table top signs for trade shows should be extremely portable, easy to set-up, easy to break down, and easy to transport home from the trade show.  All of our 8’ table top displays match these attributes.  The tension fabric displays are among the most popular 8’ table displays for events.  These exhibits feature dye sub printed fabric graphics that are durable.  The high-resolution graphics have vibrant colors, they can be folded for transport, and they are machine washable if someone spills a cup of coffee on your table top display.
There are a few varieties of 8' table top signs for trade shows. The pop-up table displays for events have one-piece frames that fold in and out like an accordion. These are very quick and easy to install. The round tubular frame, the Tension Fabric 8’ Curve Table Top, has an aluminum frame that snaps together and then the graphic slips over the frame like a pillowcase and zips tightly over the frame. The newest addition to our 8’ table displays for events is the ShowFlex. This display folds down like an umbrella. The graphic remains attached to the frame for transport. This display is so lightweight, around 6 lbs, and so small when it's packed, that it can be a carry-on item so that you can avoid the expense and hassle of shipping your display from trade show to trade show. You’ll never have to worry about your display getting lost in transit as you can carry it along with you or in your luggage and rest easy knowing that you’ll be prepared when the show floor opens for business.

Custom Design Gallery

View some examples of our custom designs organized by size. These designs can act as a starting point to determine layouts and features that appeal to you. We can then take those elements and create custom renderings with your logo, colors, and graphics to develop a trade show exhibit tailored to your exact specifications.

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