6' Table Top Displays

We have a broad selection of 6' table top trade show displays to fit every budget and need. Choose from one of these or call us to learn more about our table display stands.

When it comes to table top trade show displays, the 6’ table is the most common size.  We have a wide selection of 6’ table display stands to meet any need and budget.  The tension fabric displays are very popular.  These table top trade show displays come in a couple of varieties, pop-up table top displays and round aluminum tube frames.  Both feature high-resolution dye sub printed fabric graphics that are durable and machine washable.  The graphics apply to the pop-up frames with Velcro that is sewn around the perimeter of the graphic.  With the tubular display frames, the graphics slip over like a pillowcase.

Another, newer, option for the fabric table display stand is the ShowFlex displays. These table top trade show displays are the ultimate in portability. They are so light-weight that the can be carried on when you travel to your next trade show, convention, or marketing event. The ShowFlex displays fold down like and umbrella and the graphic remains attached to the frame for a very quick and easy setup. The ShowMax, ShowStyle Briefcase display, and the ShowStyle Pro 32 table top displays all are self-packers meaning that you simply open the case and the panels and graphics are on the inside. You don’t have a separate carry case with these table top trade show displays but rather the case has Velcro fabric panels on the inside and graphics can be applied and left attached to the display so that you have a completely self-contained unit. We offer pop up displays with stretch fabric graphics as well. These table display stands have optional shelves that can be used to display products on the display frame. The retractable banner stand is also an attractive option for a 6’ table display. The retractable banner reels up into the table display stand hardware so that you can set up and dismantle the display in less than a minute.

Custom Design Gallery

View some examples of our custom designs organized by size. These designs can act as a starting point to determine layouts and features that appeal to you. We can then take those elements and create custom renderings with your logo, colors, and graphics to develop a trade show exhibit tailored to your exact specifications.

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