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Trade Show Displays by Industry

There’s no better place to have direct contact with past and prospective customers than a trade show. Of course, you need the right trade show displays to help you stand out from dozens of other exhibitors and draw visitors’ attention with maximum impact.

At Godfrey Group, we design and produce trade show marketing displays for a wide variety of industries. We can create the exhibition materials you need to make a lasting impression on your customers. We have curated an impressive selection of display products to meet your business needs, no matter what industry you’re in.

Find out how we can serve your business with custom exhibits and portable trade show displays. Then, contact us for more information or to place an order.


If you’re in the tech industry, exhibiting at a trade show is an excellent way to expand your business and unveil your latest advancements. Godfrey Group helps IT firms, hardware and software developers, and internet providers reach new audiences with interactive kiosks, demo pedestals, and event tents. Our high-quality materials printed in vibrant colors are designed to help you put your best foot forward to impress your customers.


The manufacturing industry puts on various events throughout the year to showcase fresh innovations and technologies. Because of the complexity of this industry, displays must often be large to accommodate oversized products and machines. Godfrey Group has you covered with elaborate 20-foot modular displays. Whether you manufacture cars, clothing, equipment, or furniture, we can help you create the ideal exhibit booth to get your message across.


Investments in innovative medical and pharmaceutical technologies have soared in recent years. To inform healthcare professionals of the latest options, hundreds of healthcare trade shows and conventions take place across the country every year. Godfrey Group can help dental equipment distributors, medical lab owners, and hospitals design creative exhibit booths. Make your display information-rich with literature racks, video displays, and tablet stands.


If you represent the federal, state, or municipal government, you know the need to convey information is a common one. Whether you’re recruiting at a job fair, holding a training seminar, or attending an expo, Godfrey Group can produce the ideal signage for your needs, including economic pop-up banner stands, portable displays, and video kiosks. We serve the armed forces, law enforcement, USPS, and various government agencies.


Today’s schools are a place of creativity and growth, where children and young adults go in pursuit of knowledge. Our wide array of displays can be used at college open houses, school fundraisers, high school sporting events, and teacher awards ceremonies. Turn heads with full-color posters, banners, and table throws, and hand out brochures from portable literature stands.


Changing demographics and consumer preferences mean the foodservice industry must stay on its toes. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, food and beverage distributor, kitchen equipment manufacturer, or food packaging professional, our exhibition materials are just what you need to attract your customers’ attention. Our outdoor tents, columns and towers, and temporary flooring are all ways to optimize your display.

Banking & Finance

The financial service industry includes banks, credit unions, credit card companies, stock brokerages, insurance agencies, and financial advisory firms. If you’re representing your business at an upcoming fintech trade show, conference, or training event, make sure you’re prepared with the right signage from Godfrey Group. Set up attention-grabbing overhead banners, eye-catching backlit towers, and portable kiosks to collect information from your prospects.

Why Choose Godfrey Group for Trade Show Displays?

Godfrey Group is composed of knowledgeable, helpful individuals who want to make your trade show marketing efforts a smashing success. We are uniquely positioned to provide a one-stop-shop for all your promotional material needs, offering both portable and customizable display options for everything from simple tabletop displays to striking backlit exhibits with high-tech video effects. We draw on 50 years of experience designing high-quality trade show booth displays to help us bring your brand vision to life.

Ready to learn more about our custom and portable trade show display options for your specific industry? Contact Godfrey Group today to get started.