Rental Galleries

Please scan through some of our custom rental display examples below, viewable by booth size. This is not a comprehensive catalog of all of our rental exhibits but rather some of our most popular designs. Our rentals are turn key, including round trip shipping, installation, dismantle, graphics, lighting, etc.
10'x10' Trade Show DisplaysView 10'x10' Gallery
10'x20' Trade Show DisplaysView 10'x20' Gallery
20'x20' Trade Show DisplaysView 20'x20' Gallery
Larger than 20'x20' Trade Show DisplaysView Larger than 20'x20' Gallery
In short, you can leave it all to Godfrey Group and when you arrive at the show your trade show booth will be fully set up and ready for you to achieve trade show marketing success. Trade show exhibit rentals are an excellent way for you to test out designs and materials before taking the next step and purchasing a custom exhibit. These trade show booth rentals allow you to do a one show test drive if you will without the longer-term commitment that comes with a purchase. Rentals often work well for companies that may only exhibit once a year or once every other year. With our trade show booth rentals you own the graphics so if you choose to rent again and use the same graphics you can save on the next show. These designs are idea starters and we can combine elements from these designs or bring in other elements as needed. Please contact us to discuss your trade show exhibiting needs and we’ll gladly provide a free 3D rendering. Let us put our forty plus years of experience to work for you to make your trade show exhibiting program a success and provide you with a trade show display rental designed to build your business.