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10' x 20' Shelf/Merchandising Displays

If your exhibiting needs require shelving or merchandising to display products, we've got the right trade show merchandise display shelves for you. Select from our collection of trade show display exhibits or contact us at the Godfrey Group.

Exhibitors with 10x20 booths that need to display a large amount of merchandise or showcase a large number of products are often left with very few options.  Frequently, U-shaped, bland slat wall displays are utilized for this size and style of trade show display exhibit.  Godfrey Group has the solution to these boring exhibits that lack design appeal.  Our 10x20’ shelf and merchandising displays provide plenty of functional, strong shelving options and slat wall panel options for various merchandising attachments while still offering a modern, sleek design.  Our 10x20 merchandise display shelves also offer plenty of room for large format, high resolution, vibrant graphics as opposed to the black white walls of the common U-shaped slat wall exhibits.  Our modular hybrid displays can be used as 10x10 trade show display exhibit as well.  The graphics on these merchandise display shelves are printed on dye sub fabric and so they are easy to install, easy to transport, and durable.  They are also economical to replace the graphics and change out your messaging one trade show to the next.  The OutRigger displays offer very strong shelving.  All merchandise display shelves can support up to 75 pounds of weight.  However, that strength does not preclude these displays from being portable.  These aluminum frame displays still pack down to shipping cases that the exhibitor can wheel in and out of the convention center on their own.

10' x 20' Trade Show Displays