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Healthcare Trade Shows Displays

As the representative of a business in the healthcare industry, you may be in charge of managing your company’s exhibit at an upcoming trade show. The display should achieve the ideal balance between looking great, engaging your audience, and communicating your message—all while remaining compliant with healthcare industry regulations.

The key to accomplishing these goals is to set up a quality trade show exhibit with help from Godfrey Group. We are proud to provide a one-stop shop for all the promotional products you need as a pharmaceutical provider, dental equipment distributor, medical lab owner, or hospital representative. Let us help you design and fabricate custom, portable displays to support your marketing efforts at an upcoming convention, expo, or seminar.

To begin the process of designing a trade show display for your healthcare business, please contact Godfrey Group.

Designing the Ultimate Exhibit Booth for Medical Trade Shows

Hundreds of events centered on the healthcare industry take place around the globe every year. Thousands of companies exhibit at these events, and hundreds of thousands of people attend. The aim is to showcase the latest medical advancements, educate healthcare professionals, and propel the industry into the future.

To generate the impact you’re going for, you need an exhibit booth that grabs the attention of event guests and helps you share your message in a memorable way. Keep the following factors in mind when designing the ultimate trade show booth for your healthcare business.


Your booth must be attractive if you hope to encourage attendees to take a closer look. Signage from Godfrey Group is available in full, eye-catching color. Our UV-printed graphics remain vibrant after years of use, even when applied to outdoor tents and kiosks. It’s also essential to incorporate vertical displays to attract the gaze of onlookers. For that, we recommend hanging signs and towers.


Medical professionals often make the mistake of presenting information somberly and academically. However, if you want to get potential buyers excited about your product, you must engage them at your trade show booth. One method is to include a kiosk or pedestal to give out samples and hold demonstrations. This encourages participation and questions from onlookers, creating a buzz on the show floor about your product or service.

Information-Rich Content

While you want your signage to convey a message, don’t be tempted to cram too much information in a limited space. For the displays themselves, it’s wise to use only a few words and stick with large fonts for visibility. Then, incorporate more detailed information with literature stands offering brochures that your prospects can take with them.


The healthcare industry is governed by organizations such as the FDA, PhRMA, AdvaMed, and OPDP. There’s even an organization called the Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association (HCEA) dedicated to improving the effectiveness and quality of healthcare trade shows. Individual states and countries also have specific rules you must follow. To avoid frustration, complications, and fines, look into what applies to your company before designing a healthcare trade show booth.

Why Choose Godfrey Group for Healthcare Trade Show Displays?

Healthcare exhibiting may seem overwhelming at first, but with the friendly, experienced team at Godfrey Group by your side, you’ll have access to the highest-quality marketing products available anywhere. We’ll guide you through the process, from showing you our custom gallery to providing free conceptual renderings to following through with production and delivery. We can even store and refurbish your displays between events or provide show booth rentals if that suits your needs better.

Peruse our wide array of trade show displays and accessories to get an idea of our capabilities. Then, contact Godfrey Group to ask questions or begin customizing your healthcare exhibit booth today.