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So, you’re looking for the right type of display that will catch your customer’s eye amidst a crowded trade show floor. Every exhibitor on the floor will be competing for your customer’s attention, so how can you be sure to stand out? A backlit display is a great solution for your small or medium sized business.

If you exhibit frequently, work with limited resources, and have a 10 ft to 20ft booth space to work with, a backlit display is probably the right choice for you.

Why choose a backlit display?

Draws attention to your booth

A trade show floor is going to be packed full of vendors with similar looking booth spaces. So your main objective is to stand out. A backlit display helps to draw in your customers by catching their attention. Give your graphics an LED light boost and increase your overall impact.

Communicates who you are

Your trade show display has to work fast when it comes to communicating who you are. Using a backlit display gives you an advantage by catching your customer’s attention. Partnering your backlit display with well-designed graphics will help you quickly communicate how your customer might benefit from your product or service.


Your business is unique. Your trade show display should be, too. You can fully customize your vibrant, bright graphic display to highlight your brand.  

Durable, light-weight & easy to assemble

No one wants to deal with a bulky, difficult display on the day of a trade show. You want something quick and easy to set up and break down. Our backlit displays are light-weight, durable and effortlessly broken down into packing cases that are easy to transport. Bonus: they’re machine washable!

Backlit display options available at Godfrey Group

  • PSW displays: available in 2.5’, 5’, 8’, 10’ and 20’ widths. These displays are pop-up frames with LED ladder lights. The channel bars that attach to the pop-up frames have an SEG (silicone edge graphic) channel that allows for a very clean, taut graphic application. Carrying case add-on available.
  • BKL-H backlit walls: available in 8’ and 10’ widths. This display comes with a pop-up frame with LED lights and velcro graphic application for easy set-up and breakdown. Carrying case included for easy transport.
  • Light tube ultra-thin backwalls: available in 3’, 5’ 8’ and 10’ widths. This display is thinner from front to back than the pop-up walls. This backlit display comes with a round, snap-tube aluminum frame and a pillowcase graphic with LED ladder lights.
  • LT backlit displays: available in 8’, 10’ and 20’ widths. This display is an aluminum SEG frame system. At 8” deep, the depth of this display falls in-between the pop-up walls and the ultra-thin light tube walls. These displays also use LED lighting and can be either single or double-sided. The aluminum frame is visible on the sides of the display and makes for a clean and polished presentation. 
  • 10’ Tool-less backlit display: This display is also an SEG aluminum frame system, but it doesn’t come in individual frame pieces that require assembly. Instead, this frame is linked together with hinges so that it sets up quickly and easily without any tools.
  • Backlit fabric lightboxes: 4.7” deep frames that are available in many sizes from 2’x2’ all the way up to 8’x10’. These displays can be wall-mounted, hanging or freestanding with the addition of support feet. These are SEG frames with internal LED lighting, and they can be single or double-sided.

  • If you’re ready to get started with your own design, get in touch!