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Trade Show Exhibiting Tips and Advice

Outdoor marketing events can be an excellent way to promote your company or service.  In general, you’re getting an opportunity to get in front of potential customers at a time when they may be more receptive to your message, as outdoor events are often fun, less structured, and less formal environments than alternative marketing venues.  However, like any opportunity to present your company or service, you need to make sure to put your best foot forward and present a clean, professional image.  It is imperative to clearly brand your space so that people can quickly understand what you are promoting and to ensure “stickiness” so that you’re not forgotten as soon as they leave your booth.

Pop up Tents

pop up tentThere are a number of outdoor display options and event structures, with pop up tents being the most common.  Pop up tents work very well for outdoor event displays as they provide ample room on the tent canopy for branding and they provide plenty of functional space for entertaining potential customers.  Godfrey Group provides a full range of printed tents of various sizes along with banners to extend the height of your branding and increase your visibility.


Mushroom and Dome Tents

Additionally, Godfrey Group can add counters and storage modules to tent displays to make them more functional for sampling and merchandising. Another unique and portable outdoor display option from Godfrey Group, are our Mushroom Kiosks (pictured above) and Dome Kiosks.  These are aluminum frame kiosks with dye sub printed fabric skins that break down into shipping cases for easy transport, set up, and dismantle.  The rounded shape allows you to greet customers from all sides of the space and the top and base graphic wraps provide plenty of space for branding.


If you are limited in space, Godfrey Group offers a full range of outdoor banner stands and sampling counters. Again these displays are portable and offer full color dye sub fabric graphics to effectively promote your brand.