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Trade Show Exhibiting Tips and Advice

Trade show exhibitors who need to display and demonstrate a number of products in their 10×10 or 10×20 booth often encounter a challenge. As with any exhibitor, these companies want to have a clean, professional presentation with a structure that is light-weight, portable, and easy to set up and dismantle. The challenge for those companies that need to display a lot of products is that shelving, slat wall, and other merchandising type fixtures do not typically lend themselves to the light weight and portable principle of trade show marketing.

Evaluate How Much Shelf Space You Need

The most popular 10×20 and 10×10 trade show displays are pop up displays, but the very attributes that make this style of display so popular also make it a poor solution for displaying a large number of products. The pop up frame is not strong enough to support a substantial amount of shelves and weight. There are a number of heavy panel style solutions that utilize slat wall, however these are most often quite heavy and lacking visual appeal.

The Best Way to Display Many Products?

Godfrey Group offers a solution that is portable, versatile, and attractive with the OutRigger Display System. The OutRigger offers a substantial amount of shelving space along with ample room for graphics. Additionally, the display features a backlit header to showcase the company name and draw attention to the branding.  The unit can be tailor made to offer more shelving than the standard display package or slat wall sections can be added to display hanging products. Add under shelf lighting to ensure that your products and well lit. Godfrey Group offers a number of shelf options from standard high density plastic, laminate, and Plexiglas shelves.

Strong, Yet Lightweight

The unique element of the OutRigger Trade Show Display System is the curved shelving supports. These supports are constructed of light-weight aluminum, however they provide stability with their footprint and they provide a strong sturdy shelving platform capable of supporting a minimum of fifty pounds per shelf, potentially more depending on the distribution of the weight. These curved supports also offer an element of design that most shelving exhibits lack. If your exhibiting needs include shelving and product display, the OutRigger Trade Show Display System is an ideal solution.