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There are several reasons why a company may decide that it’s time to get rid of their current trade show exhibit. Maybe the company has gone through a rebranding. Or perhaps there have been budget changes. Or it could just be time for a good old-fashioned upgrade. Whatever the reason, you’re now left with the task of figuring out what exactly you should do with your used trade show display.

While instinct may tell you to simply toss it and move on, there are a few things to take into consideration. First, it must be noted that the trade show exhibit likely appears as an asset on the company books. Simply tossing it would mean the company takes a loss on the financial statements. So, how can you retire your old trade show exhibit and recover part of your initial investment? 

Sell your used trade show display

In most cases, a used trade show exhibit can sell for anywhere between 10 to 40 percent of its original purchase price. Now, many factors determine the resale value such as the age of the display, the overall condition, size, marketability and what, if any, repairs are needed. 

Understanding the resale value of your trade show exhibit

You’re probably pretty proud of your trade show display, and it likely served you and your business well. And understandably, you want to get the most out of the resale as possible. And when you work with a highly-rated full-service exhibit house like Godfrey Group, you will get the best possible price for your used trade show exhibit. However, it’s important for you to understand the resale value of your trade show exhibit from a sales perspective.

Most companies in the market for a trade show display want to design a booth to their custom specifications. While your exhibit might closely match their needs, there are many components that can dramatically add to the cost for the buyer. Those components typically include things like the required refurbishing, changes to the colors and finishes, and creating new graphics.  

It’s smart to chat with your business office to determine the depreciated value of the trade show exhibit so you have an understanding of your pricing options and the impact the resale will have on your overall budget.

How to sell your used trade show exhibit with Godfrey Group

Here at Godfrey Group, we sell used trade show exhibits in the used section of our website. We sell used exhibits for clients that own Godfrey Group displays and for customers that purchased their trade show exhibits from other companies. And we do this on a consignment basis. How this works is initially we’ll review whatever images, build plans, instruction sets, etc. that you can provide to us. From there, we’ll suggest what we expect the used value of the exhibit to be. Once we have that information, we’ll work with you to discuss shipping the exhibit to our facility for the next steps.

Once we have the used trade show exhibit in our North Carolina facility, we set it up to thoroughly assess the equipment. This allows us to determine what, if any, elements need to be repaired or replaced or if any pieces are missing. We also gather the graphic dimensions and other pertinent specifications for the trade show display that a prospective buyer would want. 

If you have an exhibit that you no longer need and you’re interested in selling the trade show display, please contact us at