Animated Backlit Light Box Display

SKU: ANM-8082


Color shifting LED lights custom programmed to create motion within your static graphic.  Backlit freestanding lightbox with custom programmed color shifting LED lights.  Available in six sizes 80.5" x 82", 118.5" x 82", 41" x 42", 61" x 42", 41" x 82"

Included with this display:

Full color dye sub printed graphic, aluminum frame with feet, array of pixel LED ladder lights, fabric backer, custom programmed animation specific to your graphic, SD card, and hard shipping case w/wheels 69" x 12" x 18"

Weights range from 77 lbs for the 41x42 light box to 192 lbs for the 118x82" light box

Production time 4-6 weeks

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Graphic Template

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