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File Formats & General Setup

Acceptable Programs

  • Adobe Illustrator (Preferred) & Photoshop up to CS6
  • InDesign up to CS6 (There may be a charge of $85/hr. for graphic setup/design because InDesign will not always export a suitable file for use.)

File Formats

  • .tiff, .eps, .ai, .pdf, .psd
  • Please send layered files when possible and ALL SUPPORTING DOCS - linked hi-res images, fonts, and low-res proof
  • Logos, Text, and graphic elements (that can be) should be kept in outline format (vector drawings) such as, Adobe Illustrator. (.eps, .ai, .pdf)
  • Resolution: Save rasterized images at the appropriate resolution for final output size. Generally, a file needs to be a MINIMUM of 85 dpi at full size, OPTIMUM 150 PPI at full production size.
  • Resolution Example: Art for desktop media is 300 dpi at 5” x 7.5”. If this image becomes a 20” x 30” poster the resolution drops to 75 PPI. (A 400% enlargement divides the resolution to 1/4)


  • 2” of bleed on all sides for custom graphics.
  • If there is a template provided, use the bleed specs in the template.

Sending Art/Info

  • CD or DVD, please provide printed reference for layout (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Send via email/max 5MB, Include pdf of layout/art in email along with production art file name.
  • Godfrey Group Website Artwork Submission - Max 2GB per upload
    The web uploader feature requires a modern browser. If you are not using Google Chrome or the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer, then it will NOT work. We strongly recommend that you upgrade/update your internet browser to the latest version.

Color Matching

Use the Pantone+ Solid Coated or Solid Uncoated Formula Guide
* Some Pantone colors can’t be match due to the printer or material.

($45 for the first PMS color and $25 for each additional PMS color)

Cutting Vinyl/Screenprint

Files must be vector art, Illustrator (.eps, .ai, & .pdf) - NOT RASTER IMAGES or RASTER IMAGES PLACED IN ILLUSTRATOR

Graphics Setup Tips

Keep in mind how you are using your graphic:

If your graphics are viewed from 6-10 feet, image resolution clarity may not be as important as the clarity of your text. To test your graphic at a distance, size your graphic to actual print size at 85-150 PPI then view at 100% on your monitor. Stand at a distance that you feel may be similar to how your display maybe commonly viewed at an event. If it meets your preferences and quality standards, it is ready to send to us.

* If the graphics you are designing are scaled down you will have to zoom in closer.  ex. 1/2 scale view at 200% on your monitor, 1/4 scale view at 400%...

Why an image may not work:

An image can only be enlarged so much before it distorts or pixilates. There is no definitive guideline here because many variables contribute to why an image may not be suitable (Resolution, file size, dimension size, how file was created, etc). You will need to play with your graphics to determine what works for you and your design.

Image Resolution: (PPI = Pixels Per Inch)

Image PPI should not exceed 150 PPI if you are setting up you image at full scale. The larger the image the less PPI you may need at full scale.

*If the graphics/image you are designing is scaled down you will have to scale the PPI approriately  ex. 1/2 scale PPI would be double from full scale amount.

Printing Rich Black:

To get a deep rich black, setup with the following CMYK values: C = 100, M = 100, Y = 100, K = 100

Packaging Files Before Sending/Uploading to Godfrey Group:

  • Convert all text to outlines. Including any special characters/symbols like bullets, asterisks, etc.
  • Include all linked / supporting files in a separate folder
  • Compress all files into a single .zip or Stuffit archive
* If file exceeds 2GB (2000 MB), you will have to separate the files into 2 or more archives.

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