Happy Earth Day 2011!!! Time For An Eco-Friendly Trade Show Display!!

It’s finally here! The day we’ve been talking about all week long has finally arrived and it’s time to celebrate!!! Happy Earth Day 2011 from The Godfrey Group! All week long we’ve been showing you how to turn your next trade show presentation into one that is earth friendly with the help of our environmentally friendly trade show displays. Today we want to want to cap things off with a campaign that is sure to change the world for generations to come.

It’s called The Billion Acts of Green campaign and it’s more than just a way to show your support for all things earthy friendly, it’s a movement that is destined to show the entire world that change can happen.  Kicking off in 2010 during the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day, The Billion Acts of Green is a campaign in which ordinary people just like you and me pledge to take action to save the environment one act at a time with the goal of reaching 1 Billion acts by the start of the 2012 U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012.

This is your chance as an a small business owner, as a trade show traveler, and an individual concerned about the effects of the population on the environment to step up and commit to taking steps to make this world a better place. Just check out some of the things others like yourself are committing to doing:

*Switching to energy efficient light bulbs

*Riding their bikes to work

*Planting a community garden

*Buying from local farmers

Now that we know what others are doing, what can you do as a small business owner? Right away we know a couple of things, switching to an environmentally friendly display or a trade show display that is lightweight and will cut back on travel expense (which leads to less gas being use).  How about scheduling events which are close together and eliminating some of the back & forth trips? Next time why not filling your information displays with brochures made from recycled paper? The trick is to be creative and stick with your commitment. Together one day soon we will be one billion strong united in our support for world change!

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